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The establishment of

China new dynasty Wang Mang was born to a noble family in the Western Han Dynasty, only keep quiet simple life of Wang Mang in the late Western Han Dynasty gradually dominated court politics. In 8 ad, Wang Mang was emperor, and in the last year of the reign of emperor Wang Mang, a series of reform measures were carried out. In the end of the new era, a great peasant uprising broke out in Changan, and after the death of the new emperor, the people of the Republic of China were killed in the new era of. The new dynasty became the most short-lived Dynasty in Chinese history. While Wang Mang was scolded for nearly two thousand years, Wang Mang has devoted his whole life to the country, but in the end result is to ruin conspiracy careerist pronoun.

ancient Chinese traditional concept of autopsy has been regarded as immoral, so it is strictly prohibited, Wang Mang broke through the traditional concept of support autopsy. In order to let the doctor he master the structure of the human body, in the year sixteen to support the court doctor anatomy of executed prisoners body, carefully observe the measurement of their internal organs, with fine bamboo in order to examine the distribution of vascular inserted into the blood vessel, this is the history of the Chinese autopsy the earliest records, than the father of anatomy viisas more than 1 thousand and 500 years earlier.

according to the "Wang Mang biography" recorded before the Han. In Wang Mang emperor in order to resist the northern Xiongnu, called the world with special skills for his service, including a hunting youth said he flew to go there can be the enemy reconnaissance told him to try, Wang Mang, saw the young from the box out of the middle a body with a feather making clothes worn on the body, still wearing a feathered hat, dressed like a bird, so he flew hundreds of steps, Wang Mang felt his ability to rely on this flight is still far away to the enemy reconnaissance, and sealed him a little officer sent him some car with cloth to support him to continue to study flight, this is the China record a Chinese flight experiment, the ornithopter than Da Vinci one thousand years earlier. Although before the Warring States period, Mo-tse and Luban have had the bird, it is said that Luban did the bird can fly in the sky for three days and nights, that is only the aviation model, and Wang Mang is clearly a step closer to his support for real experiment.

also supports the development of artificial food in the new Wang Mang, ad fourteen, due to years of famine and food is extremely scarce, and sent to all over the country to find edible plants to carry out the development of artificial food. Although it was not successful, it was the world’s first artificial food research experiment.

Wang Mang is willing to try a variety of novel events, it is said that Wang Mang is the history of the first hair of the emperor, we would like to think why should the hair black hair dye it? As can be imagined Wang Mang would be a very attention to the image of the people, Wang Mang at the wedding and history but the queen has approach seventy years of age, as a young, at the age of great contrast will make people think that Wang Mang and Wang Mang are also aware of their own licentious, deserted situation, Hair Coloring is to let people see his body is very young, very tough false, have enough energy to turn back.

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​中国古代的传统观念里解剖尸体一直视不道德,因此被严厉禁止,王莽冲破传统观念支持尸体解剖。他为了让医生掌握人体结构,于公元十六年支持宫廷医生解剖被处死犯人的尸体,仔细观察测量其五脏,为了检查血管的分布情况还用细竹篾插进血管,lunette dior femme 2015,这是中国历史上有关尸体解剖最早的记载,比解剖之父维萨斯还早一千五百多年。






​王莽很愿意尝试各种新奇的事件,据说王莽还是历史上第一个染发的皇帝,我们都会想王莽为何要把头发胡子染成黑色呢?可想而知王莽一定会一个很注意形象的人,王莽在大婚时已年近古稀,而史皇后却正值妙龄,在年龄上巨大的反差会让人认为王莽荒淫,另外王莽也深知自己众叛亲离的境遇,染发是为了让人看到自己很年轻,身板很硬朗的假象,还有足够的精力来力挽狂澜稳定政局应付农民起义军。然而这一切都是徒劳。地皇四年十月,oakley radar,起义军便攻破了城门,存活了十五年的新莽政权瞬间倾倒。原本想用大婚和染发扭转败局的王莽,最终身死在刀光剑影中。在历代皇帝中能有这般科学头脑,着实难能可贵。由此可以看出王莽是一位伟大的理想主义者,一位崇尚科学的皇帝。


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